What is EVOX?

The EVOX (VOX is Latin for voice), uses your voice (frequencies) to map perception about specific topics like health, relationships, work or athletic performance; any aspect of life.

Perception is the way you feel and think about something. Because we perceive more than we are aware of, perception is more often ‘felt’ rather than ‘thought about.’ After mapping the information, it analyses that map, called a Perception Index, and creates a playback information packet that the body uses to bring perception to level awareness and allow it to be re-framed. The EVOX experience opens you to new ways of seeing things, it’s called Perception Re-framing. Old or unknown perceptions that may be stuck and damaging are released and you become free to choose better ways.

The EVOX is used to improve every aspect of human performance by facilitating a different way of seeing a circumstance, opportunity, problem, or relationship.

EVOX can help you with:

Weight problems
Work or athletic performancezyto-evox-system
Emotional stress

Relationship problems
Recurring pain