The truth is our perceptions shape the way we view life and ultimately determine our reality. Early in our development we maintain brainwaves that resemble a state of hypnosis, in which we soak up, like a sponge, everything around us, as we learn how to live in our world. We pick up on subtle cues and begin to display behavior patterns that mimic our caretakers. We maintain reactionary mental habit patterns, beliefs about our self worth, and capabilities based on events that took place decades earlier. We find ourselves having fears, anxieties, and negative views of ourselves and our environment that we can’t seem to overcome.

With countless attempts we try to overcome the seemingly permanent programming that has been with us our entire lives, some of which may even have been passed down from previous generations. At a conscious level we may repeat affirmations, but if our subconscious programming is one of lack, defeat, or insecurity, then we are bound to repeat these same patterns.

But how do we change these self-limiting beliefs?

Through a process called perception reframing we are able to view our circumstances in a new way. We can overcome subconscious programming and release emotional challenges. EVOX maps your voice, which contains within it your perception of events, memories, and beliefs when you speak about them. It maps and analyzes these perceptions, allowing them to come into your awareness and be reframed.

You no longer have to be a victim of traumas, abuses, addictions,   losses, self-limiting beliefs or generational curses!


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